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Interview : Sebastian Wilck

Sebastian Wilck discovered techno music in Berlin as he was 14, by spending a lot of time in the famous musical store HardWax in Kreuzberg. Now resident at the Watergate Club, Tendances F&Y had a short interview of him few days ago. Let's (re)discover him !

Hi Sebastian, first of all can you introduce yourself briefly ?

Sebastian Wilck, Berlin, Started DJing at 14... 12 years ago !

And about your music, how would you define it ? And what are you main musical influences ?

Actually it's quite easy... I like short looped chords and simple beat structures. The most important is a good bassline. A good bassline is 80% of a good track for me.

My main unfluence is for sure drum and bass as I used to play drum and bass for years. Actually, some years ago I was part of the famous german drum and bass crew hard:eddged from berlin with my old alias DJ SCAMP.

Already in this period minimal sound was always my choice. The old photek stuff for example or hidden agenda. Of course the berlin enviroment and especially watergate club was important for the development of my style of music as well.

At watergate you have the perfect audience, perfect soundsystem and simply a great environment. You can play really minimal stuff for hours and the crowd likes it a lot.

Also I've been facinated by the whole final scratch and laptop DJing since the beginning. I started using them with final scratch 2 and I will never miss it again. I think the way of playing with it is a major part of my style too.

You're based in Berlin like a lots of minimal producers, how do you explain that Berlin is the capital of minimal music ?

Well it is a really good question. I think one of the main reasons is the way of partying in berlin. Clubs don´t have any closing times. That means you can dance for hours and hours. Then you need some kind of quiet looped music to do that. If the music is too hard or freaky you will get crazy after a short period whereas with minimal sound you go dance, go to the bar, sit around and talk and go back to the dancefloor and its still the same as it was when you left the floor.

On your agenda, you have many live planned in Germany. But are you used to move in Europe ? And when could we see you in Paris :) ?

Since I started my watergate club tour this year there will be some dates outside from germany as well of course. I'm sure to meet you in paris on day as well ;)

And finally what's your favorite place for a live ?

Of course it's my homeclub watergate for me. But there are other nice places, for instance I played at goa club in Rome few weeks ago and it was great. Nice club !

Thanks a lot for your answer. And we really hope to hear you in Paris one day !

Thanks you too !

(French version soon)