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Interview : Shunsuke Akimoto

Shunsuke Akimoto is a young Japanese DJ/Producer. After few lives and productions posted on the internet, he released his first EP Momotaro few days ago. For this occasion, Tendances F&Y asked him few questions to know him better.

Hi Shunsuke, first of all can you introduce yourself briefly ?

Hello, I am shunsuke akimoto.I live in Japan.My birthday is Halloween.

And about your music, how would you define it ? And what are you main musical influences ?

Open air and nice spooky sound. Main musical influences is I think Japanese nursery rhyme.

You're based in Japan like some famous Japanese DJ (Shinishi Osawa, Nakion, ...), how do you explain that Japan is famous for his electro/techno music ?

People here like new technology, computer, robots, ... Then even the music is technologic that's why electronic music is famous here in Japan. And even if we are influenced by westerner music (Detroy, Berlin, ...) we try to express our specifity through our music.

Do you like playing music in live in clubs ?

Yes of course. It's very important for me to play in live and to see people enjoying my music. Dune,Rooty,Bullet's : these places are very comfortable and here we can meet various interesting people.

And finally what's your favorite place for a live ?

Kyoto definitely !

Thanks a lot for your answer. And we really hope to hear you in Paris one day !

Thanks you too !

(French version soon)

To illustrate this interview, let's discover the eponymous track from his last EP Momotaro :

Le myspace de Shunsuke Akimoto

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