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Interview : Mary Velo

Mary Velo is a Canadian DJ, now based in Berlin. Producting techno and minimal music she is getting familiar in the electronic environment and is for sure a Dj to follow. Tendances F&Y met her for an exclusive interview, let's discover her !

Hi Mary, first of all, can you introduce yourself briefly?

I’m a tech house DJ and producer, originally from Canada but moved to Berlin almost 2 years ago. I’m also organizing a techno/deep House event called “SYSTEM SOUNDS”, and working at

And about your music, how would you define it?

I think my productions vary in sound. I’ve done some tracks that are deep, moody, heavy and I also got a release called “song for sailors” which sounds completely different from my other productions. I don’t like to stick to 1 type of sound, I think that can make you very boring. I always try to produce tracks that have something catchy or have some sort of element that stands out, like a loop or vocal or even just one sound.

What are you main musical influences?

There are a few things that influence me. It usually has to do with my mood. I feel more influenced to produce tracks when I am feeling sad and angry or weird, haha. However I also get very influenced when I'm at a party and the DJ is playing a set which is giving me some sort of feeling.

Now, can you speak a little bite about your last production Krankhaft?

I’ve been getting into some deep hose/techno tracks recently. I wanted to make something really deep for my next release. It will include a BCR Boys remix as well. I discovered BCR Boys when their release “Delete” came out on Synewave records. I charted it a few months ago and then we talked and thought it would be sweet to work on a track together. The release date for the Krankhaft release is beginning of August 2010 on Backwater Community Recordings.

And what about an album? Do you plan to release one in the next months?

I do prefer EP’s to be honest, but I think doing an album is something I will be doing in the near future.

And what about playing in club?

I’ve DJ’d and visited other countries in Europe and I would say that Germany is definitely the place for electronic producers. I thinks it’s because Berlin is a city full of artists and has some of the best clubs and parties in the world (for me personally). It’s surrounded by some of the worlds best DJ’S and producers.

Finally, when would we see you in Paris :) ?

I DJ’d in Paris at Nouveau Casino last September. Paris was great! I would love to come back soon.

Thanks a lot for those answers and see you in Paris!

Thank you too

(French version soon)

To illustrate this interview, let's discover her last production Hgb

Hgb by Mary Velo

Le myspace de Mary Velo

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