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Interview : Patrick Arbez

Patrick Arbez is a German DJ and Producer of techno music, currently working on his first album and his new live. Tendances F&Y meets him for an interview and an exclusive remix. Let's discover him !

Hi Patrick, first of all, can you introduce yourself briefly ?

Hi, I´m Patrick Arbez from Berlin. 30 Years old, Dj since 1995 and Producer since 2004

And about your music, how would you define it ?

Asskickin, Fresh Tunes

What are you main musical influences ?

The biggest Influence is Vitalic. It's just unbelievable what this man brings out of his machines. His tracks are unique and have a high recognition value. And who has ever heard Vitalic live knows what I mean.

But nowadays, I also like the music of Ascion and Andy Kohlmann.

You're based in Berlin like a lots of minimal producers, how do you explain that Berlin is the capital of minimal music ?

Most of the Dj's in Berlin play minimal but I believe it is soon over. Three years ago everybody was playing minimal, now we find again melody and other elements in the music.

But I think berlin is the capital of minimal music because here are many labels at home (Minus, Subdup and many more)

On your agenda, you have many live planned in Berlin and in few festivals, but are you used to move in Europe ? What about Paris ?

It is a dream to play International and anywhere other than in Berlin. And especially in Paris. I could just leave and connect with a visit to one of the live performances by Vitalic :)

Then, do you like playing music in live ?

I'm currently working on my first liveact. That's a big dream to play in future only live !

And do you prefer playing live or having DJ set ?

For the Moment I play only Dj Sets. In 2011 I will start my Liveact and then I will only play live !

Finally, what's your favourite place for a live ?

The best Places are Party´s wehre the Peoples are screaming, and dancing on the music :)

And do you plann to have a first album soon ?

Yes, it will come in 2011

Thanks a lot for those answers and see you in Paris !

Thank you too best regards from Berlin

(French version soon)

Discover his exclusive remix here

Le myspace de Patrick Arbez

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