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Interview : Killahertz

Killahertz is a young Russian producer of electronic music. He has been proposing hypnotic and minimal music for few years and kindly answered Tendances F&Y's questions. Let's discover this talented musician.

Hi Egor, first of all, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, mi name is Egor, I live in Moscow and record knob tweaks for some time.

Why did you chose this pseudo "Killahertz" ?

There was no any special meaning in taking this name. Nowadays I use KHZ more often because my friends call me this way. I think the real name in techno should be unknown and artist should stay anonymous.

And about your music, how would you define it ?

The more I try to define it the more I fail, but I want to believe that it has techno flavor with hypnosis inside.

What are you main musical influences ?

It's all began with industrial music and metal. I am staying a metalhead and still listen to music of Ministry, NiN, Mastodon and many many more.

Now, can you speak about your last track Morgenstern ?

I wanted to make a tune with one drum machine only and there is no message in it except my condition that morning. It was recorded live without any mastering and EQ-ing.

Do you plan any EP or album in the next few months ?

I don't record my music right now and want to take a time to rest and clear my head. I started to help my friends out with mixing and pre-mastering at my bedroom studio. I do some additional sound production for my friends now and happy with it for now, plans never come true in my case)

And what about playing in club ? Do you prefer playing live or DJ set ?

I'm not a Dj so the only way to play is live performance. It may vary from laptop set to complete hardware setup or both.

Does the live influence your music ?

I hope not, but sometimes it's important to know what will an event be in order not to miss-jump with mood.

Finally, when would we see you in Paris :) ?

When someone will want to bring me to place ;)

Thanks a lot for those answers and see you in Paris !

Thank you, feel more, think less, and take care!

To illustrate this interview let's re-introduce his last track Morgenstern which is published here and discover an other of his live-recorded track Thrust

Le myspace de Killahertz

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