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Interview : Swin Deorin

Swin Deorin is a UK-based DJ and producer. He is used to make electronic and almost experimental music. His tracks are complex and finely-worked always in a frenetic atmosphere. Tendances F&Y interviewed him few weeks ago. Let's discover him !

Hi Cameron, first of all, can you introduce yourself briefly ?

I am Cameron Thomson. The brain cell behind the jitter that is Swin Deorin.

Why did you chose this pseudo "Swin Deorin" ?

I like making words and Swin Deorin was a song title i was working on and i was changing projects at the time as i felt Silent Snow had ran its course.

And about your music, how would you define it ?

Its a mash between styles. I like to make noise, breakcore, dubstep, chip and random experimental sounds.

What are you main musical influences ?

Surealism games like Automatism, everyday life. I listen to alot of underground artists and alot of popular music, so i tend to take everything and try and pull out my inner demons in the music.

Now, can you speak a little bite about your production Trinth (why this title, influence, what kind of music, ...) ?

Trinth is a word I made that means; pushing extremity with echos. I am really surreal at heart. My Myspace also lists newer releases after Trinth so check them out!

You made a lot of MP3 productions for the moment, what about an EP or an album ? Is it one of your upcoming project ?

I have alot of unreleased tracks that are put into albums and EPs (30 at 28th july 2010). It is rather hard to find a netlabel that will release as much as that.
With Silent Snow i flooded myself with releasing album after album, with Swin Deorin i am making but not releasing.

All your last productions are based on at least 6 tracks, does that mean that you prefer the album format than the EP format ?

I do what feels natural. I have one that is backlogged that is only 2 tracks but is about 30 mins long. I like making EPs but albums have their own feel as i like to collect songs and fit them together in a good order.

And according to you what are the main differences between the two kind of productions ?

Eps are of course shorter and the songs - in my eyes - are demos for a larger album. If i did an Ep then an album I may include tracks from that Ep on the album or it'd be purely to see what i can do meaning I'd play about on the Ep with sound and effects and tighten the production on the album with more songs.

And what about playing in club ? Do you prefer playing live or DJ set ?

I've only played live once and it was half live and half DJ set as I was mixing effects to a pre-made selection of sounds and mixing a few peoples songs into it.

Does the live influence your creations ?

It does entirely.

Finally, when would we see you in Paris :) ?

When I have a passport and the money to travel!!! I'd love to play a few clubs and see the electronic scene go at it full tilt live!

Thanks a lot for those answers and see you in Paris !

Thank you too

(French version soon)

To illustrate this interview let's discover his last track Trouyt. The music is rough and the beat is frenetic but the track is utterly heady !

Swin Deorin - Trouyt :

Le myspace de Swin Deorin.