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Interview : Yummy

The UK-based producer Yummy has been making music for few years. His last productions sound electronic and minimal. To know him better, he answered our questions. Let's discover him !

Hi Yummy, first of all, can you introduce yourself briefly ?
I'm a music producer and Dj based in London.
One side of me is Techno, the other one is Minimal but in a melodic way as you will see listening Roberta.

Why did you chose this name "Yummy" ? What does that mean ?
It's from my music... It's make me angry when I stay hours working and smoking... It was an idea from my friend Romain when I played my first set in London for the Club Blister's party. The first word he said.

And about your music, how would you define it ?
I don't know... depends on the days...

What are you main musical influences ?
My new desk and weeds growing up everywhere in my area.

Now, can you speak about your track "Roberta" which we will publish on our website ? (why this title, your influences, what's your message on it, what kind of music you are playing inside, …
It's the music I like to listen, because you can be in an other world if you close your eyes... I was inspired by London, my street and some Techno producers. It's for this I want to give back this energy with Roberta.

And what about your upcoming projects ? Any EP or album planned ? Is it important for you to release an album/EP ? What's the main difference between an album and EPs ?
I released a new track Los Chamanes with helps from Adrianski and Romain. no plans for any EP or album planned for the moment.
For me EP you can explore a lot universe and for an album you have to keep the line, work around and never cross the boundery.

You are living in London whereas lot's of electronic producers are based in Berlin or in Germany, how could you define your creative environment and life in London ? How do you interact with other DJs ?
I live since 1year in London and I love this city.
London has been very atractive for me and particulary East London with his clubs (amazing line up every week-ends), his Street culture, his shops and his nice peoples.
I was very happy to meet The Club Blister: It's a party and artists collective based between London and Paris. They allowed me to soak up London, his nightlife and a lots of Djs with who I exchange some projects.
I mean, without them, I would not be here.

Do you think that living in London makes your music different than if you were living in Germany like so many electronic producers ?
Maybe yes, because the universe where you lived makes your music different. It's all about the people who lives around you, the ambient, and the music that you listen. But in 2 years I gonna be there, That sure !

And what about playing in club ? Do you prefer playing live or DJ set ?
I think, I prefer to play Live because you can modificated all your songs and mix them in the way that you want and you feel it, but play live is an other things and i like play often dj set

Finally, when would we see you in Paris :) ?
Soon, Thirteenth may @ OPA (Bastille) for The Club-Blister party with a lot of people, friends... and I hope you as well !

Thanks a lot for those answers and see you in Paris !
Thanks guys !

To illustrate this interview, let's discover one of his last production .

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